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Nests for unwelcome guests

As part of an NRM South Naturally Inspired Grant to manage invasive Rainbow Lorikeets in the greater Hobart region, Hobart College students have been working hard on constructing specially designed nesting boxes in recent weeks, and were excited to see the first boxes placed into trees at the Kingston Golf Course in early August. Environment team volunteers fitted ceilings and ladders into nesting boxes, and filled the bases with nesting material.

Several of these nesting boxes have now been installed in trees by Dr Dejan Stojanovic and his team of conservation scientists from the Australian National University. Other boxes will be installed in various council reserves and private land around Kingborough and Hobart. Local volunteers will monitor the boxes, as part of this citizen science project.

NRM South’s Naturally Inspired Grants are provided through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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