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Photo taken by Eric Woehler - BirdLife Tasmania

Membership of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Wedge-tailed Eagle Research Fund


A Wedge-tailed Eagle (WTE) Research Fund has been established as an offset to the Cattle Hill Wind Farm. The purpose of the Fund is to support high quality ecological or other relevant scientific research on Tasmanian WTEs, the results of which will assist with the management and protection of the sub-species. Research will be supported that is scientifically rigorous and consistent with the objectives of the Threatened Tasmanian Eagles Recovery Plan 2006-2010. The Fund will be overseen by an independent Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

Expression of interest process

Expressions of interest are being sought from individuals wishing to be considered for appointment as one of the wildlife ecology scientists on the TAC.

Panel members will be reimbursed for any reasonable travel costs and paid a retainer for attendance at meetings ($150 per half day and $250 per full day. Please note that government employees are not eligible for a retainer). Appointments will be for three years. Members of the TAC and their direct family members are not eligible to receive funds from the WTE Research Fund.

Please contact Dr Cindy Hull for further information – [email protected]

Expressions of Interest, outlining relevant experience and qualifications, can be submitted to: EOI Technical Advisory Committee – Wedge-tailed Eagle Research Fund, NRM South, PO Box 425, South Hobart, Tasmania 7004, or emailed to: [email protected] by 5 pm, 24 February 2020.

WTE Technical Advisory Committee

Functions of the Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee will meet to:

  • review funding applications and select those to be supported;
  • monitor the progress of grant recipients; and
  • determine whether to accept research reports (i.e. whether they fulfill the requirements of support).

Role of individual Committee members

Individual members of the Technical Advisory Committee are expected to:

  • actively participate in the review, monitoring and reporting of the Research Fund;
  • attend, either in person or by teleconference, twice annual meetings, and additional meetings, if required;
  • provide reliable, relevant, technical and contemporary advice;
  • comply with relevant NRM South Policies and Procedures, including the Code of Conduct, and any specific requirements of the Fund including Confidentiality; and
  • be an advocate for the research Fund’s outcomes.


The TAC will be comprised of the following:

  • a representative of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment;
  • a representative from the administering body, NRM South;
  • a representative of the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (as an observer); and
  • at least two scientists experienced in wildlife ecology, with a strong background in research and publishing.

Frequency of meetings

The TAC will meet (in person, by phone or video link) twice yearly, with further meetings if required. If meetings are in person, they will be held at NRM South (293 Macquarie St, South Hobart, Tasmania).


The effectiveness and membership of the Technical Advisory Committee will be reviewed annually by NRM South. The review will determine if any changes are required to the functioning or membership of the TAC. It will also assess if there have been any breaches of the conditions of the “role of individual Committee members”. If a breach is suspected, it will be managed according to NRM South’s Employee Performance Management Processes.

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