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Protecting a sanctuary

Sun, sand, sea, beach cricket, bicycles, beach walkers, curious dogs, horseback riders, roaming cats, litter, increasing beach users and diminishing resources…it’s fair to say that managing shorebird habitat hasn’t got any easier over the years! However, despite the mounting challenges, the NRM staff at Glamorgan Spring Bay Council have a


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Awareness and protection of migratory and resident shorebirds

NRM South is involved in the protection of shorebird habitat and in raising awareness of the threats to our valuable shorebird population. Data collected by BirdLife Tasmania, through annual shorebird surveys and with support from NRM South, community and local government, has identified serious decline in resident shorebirds breeding success


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Keeping our baby shorebird chicks safe

NRM South has been out visiting Tasmania’s East Coast, recently making a pit stop at Orford. Glamorgan Spring Bay Council staff, supported by NRM South, are working hard to protect our vulnerable shorebirds and spreading the word during Coastcare Week, which also includes a display at the Swansea Fair on


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Gone in the blink of an eye

Watching a pair of shorebirds wheeling above as you walk along a windswept beach is a familiar and comforting experience. But what if you returned the next day to find them gone, as if they’d disappeared in the blink of an eye? It’s a concern that’s driving efforts to get