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Back on solid ground – Ramsar restoration at Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon

It’s a well-known fact that water will always find a way. In the case of Pitt Water-Orielton Lagoon, it was finding its way from multiple sources in the township of Sorell across to Miena Park, where it was causing extensive erosion issues. It was in 2015 that Paul Gray, NRM


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World Wetlands Day celebrations!!

Saturday 3rd February, Dodges Ferry World Wetlands Day at Blue Lagoon, Dodges Ferry was a terrific ’taster’ event. About 50 people, including Sorell Mayor Kerry Vincent, turned up for an informative and entertaining afternoon with renowned bird expert Dr Eric Woehler and Saltmarsh expert, Vishnu Prahalad. Everyone had great fun


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2017 PMP workshops – Tasman region

Property management planning for small landholders in the Tasman Catchment region A new ‘Small Farm Planning Program’ is coming to the Tasman region over March – May 2017. This series of workshops costs $120 for an individual or $165 for two individuals per property. This is the first time that


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A Day on the Marsh – a magnificent day out!

On Sunday 28 August, Southern Beaches Landcare Coastcare held their inaugural festival, 'A Day on the Marsh' and it was a roaring success. Around 500 people attended throughout the day, enjoying the science, art, walks and talks, display stalls, kids activities, volleyball, music and food. The festival was supported by


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Matt Dunbabin – two years on from the Dunalley bushfire

Following the 2013 bushfires in south east Tasmania, the Upper Derwent Valley and the Central Highlands, NRM South implemented a major Bushfire Response and Recovery Program to support those farmers whose properties had been burnt. One of these farmers was Matt Dunbabin of Bangor, near Dunalley. The family’s property was


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Gone in the blink of an eye

Watching a pair of shorebirds wheeling above as you walk along a windswept beach is a familiar and comforting experience. But what if you returned the next day to find them gone, as if they’d disappeared in the blink of an eye? It’s a concern that’s driving efforts to get