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Celebrating Tasmania’s volunteers

To kick off National Volunteer Week, Volunteering Tasmania announced the winners of the 2017 Southern Cross Television Tasmanian Volunteering Awards during a ceremony at Government House in Hobart.

NRM South sponsored the ‘NRM South Environment, Animal Care and Conservation Award’, and the three finalists for this award were:

  1. Mark Bartlett and Angela Knight (dual nomination) –  Bridgewater/Gagebrook Clean Up Group
    Angela and Mark are dedicated to keeping the natural parklands and waterways free of litter within the Bridgewater and Gagebrook area. By talking to, and educating people about recycling and the effects of rubbish in our waterways, Angela and Mark are sending a powerful message and dispersing the idea of caring for our natural resources through their actions. Focused and dedicated to caring for the environment, Angela and Mark are creating enormous change in their community.
  2. Nel Smit – Taroona Art Trail
    Nel is a founding member and Vice-President of the Taroona Neighbourhood Garden, and an active committee member of the Taroona Environment Network as well as the Secretary for the Australian Association for Environmental Education. Last year, Nel was Chair of the inaugural Taroona Art Trail and successfully led her former school, Huonville High School, to their win in the global High Schools Zayed Future Energy Prize. Passionate about empowering people, communities, teachers and students to take action to support their local places, Nel has displayed persistence, enthusiasm and an enduring commitment to her environment and community.
  3. Dr Eric Woehler – BirdLife Tasmania
    A dedicated conservationist and educator, Eric’s passion has improved the chances of survival of many threatened bird species in Tasmania. Holding an Honorary Associate (voluntary) position at the University of Tasmania, Eric’s nominator says he is an inspiration to students considering undertaking research in biological conservation. Contributing hundreds of volunteer hours every year for the past 34 years, Eric has personally attended numerous community events and provided his support to others working in natural resource management across Tasmania. As a founding member of UTAS CARES, which brings academics and students together with environmental care groups, Eric’s work was an integral component for the proposal for the hooded plover to be listed as threatened in Tasmania.

The winner of this award was Dr. Eric Woehler, but we would like to extend a big congratulations to our other finalists also – and a heartfelt thank you to all volunteers working in the NRM sector. Without your tireless dedication and efforts, we would not be able to achieve anywhere near as much as we do in this sector.

Feature image:(L-R) Mark Bartlett, Angela Knight, Nel Smit, Dr. Eric Woehler and NRM South CEO Donald Coventry.

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