Contact Us

Our office and postal address

Office: Level 1, 89 Brisbane Street, Hobart 

Postal address: PO Box 4657, Hobart TAS 7000 

Phone: 0447 266 527

twitter @nrmsouth

Our people

Nepelle Crane: Chief Executive Officer

Todd Nation: Business Development & Operations Manager

Tracey Weily: Finance Manager

Joss Fenton: Finance Manager

Cindy Hull: Program Manager – Biodiversity and RLP

Jennifer Hemer: Program Manager – Water and Marine

James Stronach: Program Manager – Agriculture and Carbon

Nathalie Laurence: Communications Officer

Maudie Brown: Business Development Officer

Amelia Jensen: Administration Officer

Tim Ackroyd: Senior Project Officer – Agriculture/RALF

Nick MacGregor Project Officer – Land

Yolanda Hanusch: Project Officer – Land

Natasha Blaesbjerg: Project Officer – Land

Sophie Golding: Senior Project Officer – Biodiversity

Cat Young: Senior Project Officer – Zoology

Grace Isdale: Senior Project Officer – Marine

Laurel McGinnity: Water Program Coordinator

Zak Wheaton: Project Officer – Water

Paul Armstrong: Senior Project Officer – Reef Restoration