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Keeping our baby shorebird chicks safe

NRM South has been out visiting Tasmania’s East Coast, recently making a pit stop at Orford. Glamorgan Spring Bay Council staff, supported by NRM South, are working hard to protect our vulnerable shorebirds and spreading the word during Coastcare Week, which also includes a display at the Swansea Fair on Saturday 7 December 2014.

The pics here show the temporary fencing where some newly listed vulnerable Hooded Plovers are starting a family…

fence2 fence Hooded Plover -near Orford-CREDIT PAUL GRAY

Terry Higgs – Catchments Coordinator GSB Council and Paul Gray NRM Facilitator Sorell Council worked together on some temporary fencing a few weeks back, and Paul managed to catch a magic moment a week later for the Hoodies family album. So cute! But also so vulnerable to dogs, people and predators, including feral and roaming cats.

We’ll keep watch and give updates on how the little one goes! Good luck little chick! You are one of few that will make it to adult hood this breeding season…

So many of us visit the beach but forget we are enjoying our recreation and relaxation with beach animals that are fending for their lives…..Remember:

1.Keep to the wet sand (to reduce accidental egg trampling- shorebird eggs are well camouflaged against the sand)

2. Keep your pooch on a leash

3. Stay out of temporary fenced areas and at least 50 metres from unfenced birds to reduce disturbance

4. Take all rubbish, including fishing line, plastic bags and bottles, with you when you leave.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service Discovery Rangers will be patrolling beaches soon from Friendly Beaches down to Adventure Bay on Bruny, to raise awareness with beach goers this Summer. This is part of the South East Regional Shorebird Alliance regional awareness and protection of vulnerable beach birds, funded through NRM South and the Australian Government.

Thanks Paul too for camping out patiently for many hours in the back dunes to capture this magic photo 

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