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Fat Pig Farm garden gets a break

Thanks to the help of a Naturally Inspired funding grant from NRM South, and a group of volunteers from the Huon Valley Roamers and Franklin Landcare groups, Fat Pig Farm now has a new and improved windbreak! Many of you may be familiar with the Gourmet Farmer TV series that has helped put the Huon Valley on the map, and their recent venture to set up a new farm site in Glaziers Bay. Some of the challenges of this site have included relatively poor soils, high winds, invasive weeds and minimal fencing.

High winds have cause the loss of entire beds of vegetables over spring and autumn – and even a greenhouse! The existing windbreak needed a little more filling in, and the NRM South grant has meant the edges of the market garden have been boosted by the planting in of a couple of hundred native trees and shrubs.

Activities carried out as part of this grant will be helping to improve the productivity, educational value and diversity of the farm’s public areas and help to address the loss of up to 30% of the farm’s vegetable and soft fruit crop to south-westerly wind gusts.

NRM South’s Naturally Inspired grants are made possible by funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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