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Funding to clear flood damaged rivers

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The Tasmanian Government is providing up to $200,000 to clear rivers and repair riverbanks damaged by floods last month.

The record breaking rainfall had a devastating impact on many Tasmanian communities, infrastructure and industries.

The Tasmanian and Federal Government announced immediate assistance, but there is still a long road ahead for many.

The impact of debris from the recent floods is greater than the state has experienced for some decades.

While the majority will naturally break up over time, some debris is impacting on the productive use of land, while in other areas it represents an ongoing risk for future flooding events or downstream infrastructure.

To address this, the State Government is providing up to $200,000 to clear logjams and debris build-ups, including immediate work at Liffey River.

Forestry Tasmania will coordinate local contract crews. That work will be done in close consultation with affected land owners, and in consultation with a River Hydrologist.

The Taskforce is also partnering with the Natural Resource Management regional organisations (NRM South, NRM North and Cradle Coast NRM) throughout Tasmania, and Conservation Volunteers Australia, which will coordinate volunteers, to assist landowners to clean-up debris.

The Tasmania Government will continue to work with the Tasmanian Flood Recovery Taskforce to ensure every effort is made to work with local communities as they rebuild.

Landowners seeking help to clean-up their property, and volunteers interested in helping can call 1800 567 567.

7 July 2016

Will Hodgman, Premier

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