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Funding to protect our threatened Morrisby’s gum

Announced as part of Threatened Species Day, a list of nation-wide projects set to share in a total of $3 million in funding from the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Recovery Fund, has been released. NRM South was successful in an application for a collaborative project aimed at protecting Tasmania’s endemic, and endangered, Morrisby’s gum (Eucalyptus morrisbyi).

Morrisby’s gums have an extremely restricted distribution in the wild, found only at two sites in south-eastern Tasmania. As part of this project, a number of key actions will be implemented to improve the survival rate of seedlings and improving the genetic diversity of remaining seed stock.

NRM South will be facilitating a collaboration between community groups and the Parks and Wildlife Service, with support from key experts to create safe havens that can protect plants from browsing and wildfire, and to improve habitat by infill planting and controlling invasive grasses. The genetic diversity of the existing seed banked material will be supplemented by investigating the provenance and genetic diversity of community plantings.
The official media release can be viewed here.

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