Giving the biosecurity message wings

Tas Air Adventures gets the biosecurity message

NRM South’s Dr Magali Wright has been visiting tourism operators in the south of the state to share the message about safely visiting remote areas in Tasmania, such as Melaleuca and the Gordon River in the South-west, with the goal of keeping them safe from pests and disease.

The most recent visit included some time with seaplane operators Tas Air Adventures who welcomed the opportunity to better understand the threats and the ways to protect what is a truly special place. Dr Wright explains “it is important to make sure people’s gear is clean so that weeds, pests and pathogens are not spread to these special places.”

Dr Wright is encouraging all visitors to remote places like the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area to make sure footwear, clothing and gear is free of all soil, plant material and water, and is clean before arriving to take a flight.

Check, clean and dry all the gear you plan to take along with special attention to:
• Soil or mud on footwear, tent pegs and trowels;
• Seeds in trouser cuffs, socks, gaiters and webbed material of hiking shoes and backpacks;
• Gear that has been used in rivers and lakes especially neoprene which needs to be dried for at least 48 hours after washing; and
• Clothing and gear (including hats and backpacks) if it has been worn while bushwalking in the eastern part mainland Australia, needs to be washed in hot water to make sure Myrtle Rust (a fungus that attacks native plants) doesn’t spread to Tasmania.

Our thanks to Tas Air Adventures. Your welcome was tremendous and we look forward to seeing the stunning pics taken by your visitors. Pic showing Chief Pilot Jethro Nelson, Dr Magali Wright and Office Manager Jenny Quinn.

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