Targeted EOIs

NRM South intermittently has funding available for community projects through Targeted Expressions Of Interest (EOI’s). This allows individuals, groups or organisations from the southern Tasmanian community to undertake projects that deliver specific natural resource management outcomes.

These are short term and one-off opportunities with limited available funding. EOI’s are supported through the National Landcare Programme regional funding delivery.

The standard process for EOI funding opportunities rolls out as follows:

  • Announcements via web and social media, and promoted through targeted networks/communication avenues to key audiences
  • Open for a limited time, or until total available funding is allocated
  • Each Targeted EOI has its own criteria (read supporting guidelines below before applying)
  • EOI submissions are assessed by an internal/external panel.
  • EOI’s that rank highly against specific criteria, can demonstrate public benefit, have a well-planned delivery and approach, and demonstrate value for money will be shortlisted
  • EOI applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application
  • Successful applicants may be asked to provide additional information according to guideline that may include, but not limited to, submitting a project plan/map, providing a detailed budget, providing supporting documentation/partner endorsements
  • Successful applications will be contracted using NRM South’s Funding Agreement on completion/acceptance of additional information, to receive funding
  • An NRM South staff member will be nominated for each Targeted EOI program, to be provide support and information.

The following EOIs are currently open for submission:

No current EOI’s are available.


Culturally Inspired EOI’s: CLOSED 27 APRIL 2016

Culturally Inspired grants have now closed. Read the media article on the successful projects through these grants.

Waterways and Coasts Community Support EOI CLOSED 9 May 2016

This Waterways and Coasts Targeted EOI is run by NRM South through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme. Thes EOIs will support the community to undertake specific actions that will result in better restoration and conservation outcomes for the southern Tasmanian waterways and coast. The focus areas include saltmarsh and wetlands, estuaries and coastal lagoons, marine and terrestrial threatened species habitat and rivers.

Successful projects through this EOI:

6 successful projects were funded for a total of $25,160 (with in kind from recipients valued at $26,985) supporting both Waterways and Biosecurity activities:

  • Environmentally Responsible Moorings in Sensitive Anchorages (Handfish habitat) (Derwent)
  • Eco-mooring rollout to restore critical habitat for the critically endangered spotted handfish (Brachionichthys hirsutus) (Derwent)
  • Orford Bird Sanctuary – Habitat Conservation and Protection (fencing and signage) (East Coast)
  • 2 X Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome Biosecurity Projects with two oysterfarmers (Little Swanport, and Tasman Peninsula)
  • Impression Bay Saltmarsh Signage (Premaydena)
    Handfish-reeflifesurvey credit
    Spotted handfish photo care of Reeflifesurvey

More on the Handfish recovery plan here

Biosecurity Infrastructure Community Support EOI CLOSED 6 May 2016

NRM South delivered funding through an EOI process that supports the southern Tasmanian community in improving biosecurity practices with relation to environmental and agricultural assets. Projects funded through this EOI include biosecurity infrastructure that promotes and enables Check, Clean, Disinfect, Dry protocols in natural and agricultural landscapes.

Successful projects through this EOI:

3 successful projects were funded for a total of $5269* (with inkind $8900) supporting Biosecurity Infrastructure activities:

  • Mobile washdown and signage for Huon Agricultural Show
  • Biosecurity signage, kits and volunteer training for seed collection activities- Friends of Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
  • Mobile washdown and signage for trail running events in National Parks- Endorfun

*One other is in negotation with a private landholder- dairy farm, to be announced at a later date.

        Huon Show- credit Huon Show

Photo credit Huon Agricultural Show