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Grazing Management Trials

Simon Burgess with cows

NRM South works with farmers in Southern Tasmania to trial and support the adoption of innovative grazing practices.
Holistic management and planned grazing has the capacity to improve pasture productivity, reduce impacts on soil loss and improve soil health, and reduce inputs such as fertilisers and vet costs.

Regenerative agricultural trials have been implemented based on holistic management and planned grazing principles on a range of 15 farms developed as part of a regenerative agriculture project in 2010.

Holistic management, or grazing for profit, supports farming goals within a triple bottom line approach (financial, environmental and social). NRM South has recently conducted follow up monitoring on 8 of these properties and baseline monitoring on two new properties, assessing grass varieties, pasture health, weeds, native vegetation and soil quality.

More information can be found at the Soils are Alive website

How to set up a Grazing Management Trial

Or check out the Farming for a profitable future video below.

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