Green Army graduates

Congratulations to the third and final NRM South and Landcare Tasmania collaborative regional Green Army team who graduated last Thursday 8 September, who were one of three teams through the Australian Government’s Green Army programme with Conservation Volunteers Australia. Although many of the participants 20 weeks on ground was over winter, this didn’t stop them getting involved in some great projects across the south-east; including establishing a native garden at the Gagebrook Community Centre, helping to build next boxes for Swift Parrots in Buckland and preparing the groundwork for native plantings on Bruny Island. In total the team has supported 16 community groups, 6 public land managers and 9 landholders. The teams have gained valuable NRM and on the job experience, and have received positive feedback from those they worked with and supported. Well done to everyone involved and good luck for the future.

Overall, since May 2015 NRM South and Landcare Tasmania supported three 20 week Green Army teams to work across Southern Tasmania.

Key achievements of the project:

  • the collaborative supported 27 Green Army participants with a diversity of skills, networks and work experience across a diversity of sites across southern Tasmania.
  • they worked with 26 community groups on 31 project sites, 15 organisations (Council, PWS etc) on 20 project sites and 19 landholders on their properties supporting grant projects.
  • teams one and two conducted 10 monitoring/surveying events in EPBC species and fauna recovery projects, propagated 1710 plants, conducted weed treatment across 25 ha, installed 400 metres of fencing and revegetated 1.7 ha with over 3000 plants and supported pest control activities.
  • assisted with setting up and provided support to the State Landcare Conference, Cygnet, October 2015
  • acted swiftly following recent illegal tree felling in a significant breeding area for critically endangered Swift Parrots by assembling 300 nest boxes, and supported their placement onsite at Buckland.

The success of the Green Army partnership project has been a result of great leadership by Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) and especially the sound leadership of CVA Green Army Supervisor, Sophia Newman and the regional coordination through NRM South and Landcare Tasmania to provide a broad range of support to community group projects, landholder grant project initiatives, NRM Facilitator regional projects and public land managers. In economic terms, the teams have also contributed over half a million dollars in labour to regional community NRM projects.(Green Army teams worked on ground 216 days over three teams (20 weeks each team, with the first 2 weeks dedicated to training), equivalent to $529,200 of labour.) The team was coordinated through NRM South Regional Landcare Facilitator Ruth Osborne.

Steve Bailey, Green Army Coordinator CVA said, “One of the most pleasing aspects of this partnership is the way in which Green Army has been embraced by all partners, and an understanding of the program has developed that complements the team of young participants, the project partners they assist, and ultimately the benefits attained for our local environment.

“The teams have, and are fortunate to be undertaking a range of conservation activities throughout many wonderfully diverse locations in southern Tasmania. With this comes the comes the opportunity to be working alongside a range of committed people, with particular emphasis on our Community Care Groups where there is often a blending of our youth together with senior, and more experienced, community members, working together for a common cause”.

Graduates of the current team are Joseph Mckee, Lockie Manning, Daniel Stocks, Sam Betlehem and Fergus Reid. Front row, Nicole Stocks, Zerena Difrima, Dejen Gebreselassie, Tiana Koronui-Collins


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