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Have your say on the Southern Regional NRM Strategy 2030

NRM South would like to invite you to provide feedback on the draft Strategy for southern Tasmania.

NRM South’s new strategy serves to reflect the natural resource management priorities and emerging issues for the region. It also outlines a blueprint for the actions that NRM South will focus on to 2030.

These actions ensure our organisation is contributing to the improved management of our region’s environment and resources.

To date, the review process for this strategy has relied on the analysis of information and input from key stakeholders, technical experts and government. With these foundations, the drafting process is now complete.

Collectively, with the Cradle Coast Authority and NRM North, we have also been working to ensure our strategies are developed consistently to provide a scalable and whole-of-state NRM framework for Tasmania.

The final strategies will be launched in early 2022.

Through the development of a draft, we have consulted broadly to develop draft outcomes, priorities and actions. Our draft strategy is now open for broader feedback, to ensure that the finalised strategy addresses issues of relevance to stakeholders, potential funders, and local and regional communities.

Through this round of engagement, we are aiming to canvas views on the following three questions. We also welcome any broader feedback you may have.


  1. Identify your organisation’s aspirations for natural resource management in Tasmania.
  2. Please provide any comments on our current Priorities and Actions in the strategy/s
  3. Are there any specific areas you would like to collaborate on into the future?


Click here to download a copy of the draft 2030 Regional Strategy for Southern Tasmania

We would also like to note that the draft strategies for the Cradle Coast and northern NRM Regions have been released concurrently. If these are of interest to you, they are available for review on the NRM North and Cradle Coast Authority websites.

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