Killer of a Whale Trail on the East Coast

Last year, Sorell Council, Tasman Council , Glamorgan Spring Bay Council and Break O Day Councils were successful in receiving $93,800 towards development of whale trail viewing platforms and interpretive signage in Spectacle Point, Eaglehawk Neck and along the East Coast Drive. The projects were secured through federal funding with support from NRM Facilitators, and the Councils have been working together on a collaborative whale trail experience on the east coast.

Last Sunday the Spectacle Point, Sorell whale trail was officially launched by the Mayor of Sorell Council and 20 supporters (in the rain). The Spectacle Head trail saw the installation of a whale sculpture, seating and viewing area, and interpretive signage(photos below). While the attendees didn’t spot any whales at the launch, they were joined by a local sea eagle, no doubt impressed by the new facilities. Thanks to Paul Gray, project coordinator and NRM Facilitator, for the photos (love the whale biccies!).

The sculpture was designed by Kerry Howlett and along with her sister Kathy Hall and a band of over 50 Dodges Ferry locals of all ages. Rocky (the whale) was completed over a number of weeks. All up it probably took them the equivalent of a week to complete.

Conservation Volunteers Australia provided the landscaping and Mountain Trails constructed all the infrastructure including the paths.

The Government’s National Whale Trail initiative provided funding to local communities to help them build whale viewing platforms and interpretive signage to inform and educate visitors about migratory whales.