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Landcare and regional NRM’s working together- Tasmania leads the way.

Landcare Tasmania and the state’s three regional NRM organisations are for the first time collaborating efforts by signing a shared Statement of Common Purpose in October 2015.

NRM North, NRM South, Cradle Coast NRM and Landcare Tasmania demonstrated their commitment by signing this formal agreement as a special event at the recent 2015 State Landcare Conference.
Professionals, industry representatives and volunteers at the event welcomed this partnership.

NRM South are already working closely with Landcare Tasmania, and are developing a practical working agreement to formalise collaborative efforts. Examples include NRM South supporting planning and delivery of the recent Conference, and providing support with promotion of activities and are rolling out a successful Southern region Green Army team as a partnership project.

This agreement reflects a changing of the times, and demonstrates that partnerships are valuable and can often produce better outcomes. It will support a shared agreement to collaborate with resources, improve communications and actively support to each other in natural resource management efforts.

Landcare Tasmania was founded as the state peak membership body for community and provides an independent, representative voice for community landcare in Tasmania, and is a member of the National Landcare Network.

Tasmania’s NRM’s are three of 56 formally recognised natural resource management bodies across Australia. Regional NRM’s work from the paddock to the regional scale to address issues that require a landscape perspective, enabling community activity to better address long term strategic issues of national importance.

NRM South Chair Max Kitchell said the agreement recognises that while we all play different roles across the state, we can have a shared purpose and vision. Mr Kitchell said, “By actively seeking how we can work together and communicate openly, we can much better engage with the community, especially the landcare community, across the state”.

At a legislative level, the collaboration will see the three bodies combine to contribute to State and National policy. While the need to facilitate a broader approach to managing our natural resources has been acknowledged, so has the need to maintain a degree of regional independence.

“Landcare Tasmania has grown from community and is governed by community and we will still represent community Landcare as an advocacy body,” said Roger Tyshing, President of Landcare Tasmania.
The signed agreement is a long term one, and will build on the existing efforts of the four natural resource management organisations to build mutual recognition for collective efforts in the Landcare movement across the State.

By developing a model of good working relationship between the state Landcare body and the three regional bodies, other states and territories are watching closely as Tasmania leads the way.


Photo care of Landcare Tasmania- Max Kitchell, Chair NRM South , Roger Tyshing, President Landcare Tasmania and James Walch, Chair NRM North

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