Property Planning

Property Management Planning (PMP) is a process for developing and documenting the visions and goals for a property, with a focus on natural resources. Every year, NRM South runs a small farm planning workshop in the Huon and Channel regions. Five workshops are held during weekends at participants’ properties over the course of 4 months in the summer-autumn period.
grazing Collage Property planning is essential for all new landholders, and for those wishing to change the way they manage their property and better understand how to work with the land, reduce impacts and also meet like-minded people through these types of training opportunities. Small farms have different needs to larger properties and this program has been designed specifically for small properties typically ranging in size from 5 – 100 hectares. The workshops take a practical, and where possible ‘hands -on’ approach, and include presentations on a range of topics such as: soil health, orchard and grazing management, native vegetation, browsing mammals, weeds and animal husbandry. Over the course of the workshops, participants develop a Property Management Plan with support and guidance from the project team.

The process includes:
  1. Identifying a property’s natural assets, capability and management needs
  2. Identifying a vision and goals for the property, taking into account lifestyle, family, environmental and financial aspirations
  3. Assessing resource and management risks
  4. Using maps to plan management options
  5. Preparing an action plan
  6. Implementing the plan

2015 workshop summary
2016 workshop summary
2017 workshop summary

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