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National Tree Day plantings on Bruny Island

A National Tree Day event held on the 6th of August saw great team effort out on Bruny Island, with more than 70 people chipping in to plant 400 trees and shrubs at Apollo Bay. UTAS CARES also arranged for a bus load of University of Tasmania students to join in the fun! This event was part of a Naturally Inspired Grant awarded to Kingborough Landcare Advisory Group (KLAG). This 1.891 hectare Crown Land reserve was established concurrently with the coastal reserve extending to Roberts Point as a condition of the Apollo Bay subdivision. At that time, a small section of the reserve, paralleling the creek, was planted with native trees vegetation including Eucalyptus viminalis and Allocasuarina verticillata.  Some of these plants have successfully established without ongoing maintenance. KLAG has proposed to plant and protect 100 Eucalyptus viminalis, 100 Allocasuarina verticillata, 25 E. globulus and 10 E. ovata tree saplings throughout the remaining grassed area of the reserve.  These activities will establish native forest habitat within the reserve, while supporting other naturally regenerating shrubs and providing habitat for forty spotted pardalotes, swift parrots, and other native birds and animals.

Last month, our Conservation Volunteers Australia – Green Army team prepared the site in readiness for this event. Kingborough Council organised the day which included a walk and talk with Dr Sally Bryant, and participants were delighted to spot several endangered forty-spotted pardalotes in their favourite trees – white gums. These plantings will provide additional habitat continuity for these critically endangered birds, restoring the entire reserve from its condition as cleared pasture to essential habitat for threatened bird species. This and other Naturally Inspired grant projects are funded through the National Landcare Programme.

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