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New Ramsar wetland sign at new tourist attraction lookout and cellar door

Premier Will Hodgman recently launched a new cellar door and lookout at Devil’s Corner, which houses new interpretive information on the Moulting Lagoon Ramsar wetland.

The new sign was developed in partnership with Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, NRM South, BirdLife Tasmania, the Great Eastern Drive Team and Brown Brothers. The previous Moulting Lagoon information sign in this area was old, damaged and difficult to access. This interpretive sign details the international significance of the lagoon and game reserve area, which provides significant habitat for a range of waterfowl and migratory birds, nationally listed threatened species and vegetation, including coastal saltmarsh, and highlights the cultural significance to local Aboriginal community.

“Tasmania’s Ramsar wetlands host internationally significant fauna and flora, provide ecosystem services and are an important economic resource, for fisheries and tourism” says Donald Coventry, CEO of NRM South, “By promoting and advocating the importance of this area to locals and visitors, this increased awareness can allow for ongoing conservation and protection by all.”

The new lookout sign will be a welcome stop point for visitors and locals at the Apslawn property, and support understanding and protection of one of our most unique wetlands. It also has a magnificent view of Moulting Lagoon and The Hazards in Freycinet National Park.

NRM South’s support to this project was provided through Australian Governments National Landcare Programme, and is supported through the regional Waterways to Coast activities to promote, protect and raise awareness of significant Ramsar and coastal wetlands. A World Wetlands Day event run by Glamorgan Spring Bay Catchments to Coast team will be run on 6 February 2016, to celebrate and promote this amazing place.

More information on Moulting Lagoon and the Moulting Lagoon Game reserve can be found here

Moulting Lagoon Ramsar Sign for Lookout

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