Glamorgan Spring Bay area

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The Glamorgan Spring Bay Municipality extends from the Denison River at Bicheno to the bottom of Bust Me Gall Hill at Runnymede. It takes in the townships of Bicheno, Coles Bay, Swansea, Triabunna, Orford and Buckland. The Municipality covers the Swan Apsley, Little Swanport and Prosser Catchments.

Local industries include farming, forestry, fishing, aquaculture, viticulture and tourism.

The Glamorgan Spring Bay Municipality has a large array of plants, birds and animals – many of which are unique to this area. This area also has a significant number of national and state listed threatened flora and fauna. It also boasts two Ramsar Wetlands and three National Parks.

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council in partnership with NRM South supports an NRM Facilitator (Catchments to Coast Coordinator).

Project and engagement activities run through the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council Catchments to Coast program and align with the local catchment plans,  regional delivery through NRM South and the NRM Strategy for Southern Tasmania 2015-20.


Contact in the area

Terry Higgs, Catchments to Coasts Coordinator (Employed with Glamorgan Spring Bay Council)

03 6256 4775, Monday – Thursday

NRM South would like to acknowledge the investment, support and collaboration of staff at Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, and the Catchments to Coasts program supported by the representatives of the Glamorgan Spring Bay Natural Resource Management Committee.