Derwent Catchment- Derwent Valley and Central Highlands

derwent river
Located within Central Highlands Municipality this area spans from the Clyde River upstream to Lakes Crescent and Sorell and west to the Great Lake, before heading south to the upper reaches of the Derwent. It takes in the towns of Bothwell, Hamilton and Ouse as well as rural hamlets across a large areas of agricultural, forestry and crown land.

NRM South works in close partnership with the Derwent Catchment NRM Committee( a community organisation) in partnership with Derwent Valley and Central Highlands Councils to actively involve the community in managing the local environment. This is

The Derwent Valley, Central Highlands Councils, Derwent Catchment NRM Committee in conjunction with NRM South supports an NRM Facilitator in the Derwent Catchment area through a three way investment from both Councils and NRM South through funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Programme funding to deliver agricultural service, weed management and catchment based conservation.

Contact in the area

Josie Kelman, NRM Facilitator and Eve Lazarus- NRM Project Officer (Employed with Derwent Catchment NRM Committee)

0427 044 700 in Hamilton Wednesday with other days variable

NRM South acknowledges the partnership and investment of the Derwent Catchment NRM Committee, Derwent Valley Council and Central Highlands Council to collaborate on NRM delivery in the regions, and the successful projects that have been developed through this partnership approach.