Species and Habitat

environment CollageA healthy environment underpins so much of what is special and unique in Southern Tasmania. The main focus of our environmental projects is the preservation and protection of the species and communities that characterise our beautiful region. We carry out this work in partnership with numerous community groups, agencies, organisations and industries, working to protect threatened species, ensure that Tasmania remains relatively pest and disease-free, and protect the natural assets that we all enjoy.

While all of our projects are in some way guided by a vision to protect and enhance our natural assets, some projects are specifically targeted to assist species and communities that are under threat. There are over 600 species that are under threat in Tasmania, from Tasmanian devils to migratory swift parrots, spotted handfish to native watercress. We also have several threatened communities, including alpine sphagnum bogs and Callitris oblongaEucalyptus ovata forest. NRM South works on or supports dozens of projects across the Southern Tasmanian region, using a multitude of approaches to reach a common goal. Whether it’s advising landholders on how to support habitat for native species on their land, recreational beach users on how to keep an eye out for breeding shorebirds, or visiting tourists on how to avoid spreading weeds and diseases to sensitive areas, our big-picture vision is to ensure our natural assets remain productive and healthy, for the benefit of all.