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Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) Update

The POMS virus was first detected in Tasmania when it caused a high level of mortalities at an oyster lease in late January 2016, however tests on stored frozen oysters indicated that the virus has been present in the State since at least mid-December 2015.

Since the detection, Biosecurity Tasmania and the Tasmanian oyster industry have been working together to manage the effects of this disease on the Tasmanian oyster industry.  Whilst the disease is a concern for oyster producers, healthy oysters can still be harvested and product being sold through retail outlets remains safe to eat.

Oyster removal activities such as “oyster bashing” should cease during Summer as they could pose a transmission risk (on removed oysters or contaminated equipment).

The disease activates with warmer water temperatures and has a higher risk of transmission during the summer

Biosecurity Tasmania (DPIPWE) have full details on the Movement Permit requirements and general fact sheets about POMS, which can be found here:

For a flyer on POMS advice to our valued Landcarers, Coastcarers and Wildcarers click here:  Updated POMS advice

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