Sustainable Agriculture

NRM South works with landholders and land managers on small and large properties in Southern Tasmania, with a focus on promoting the adoption of sustainable land management practices, which have a proven capacity to improve productivity. We provide knowledge and information, and connect property owners with partners to help deliver results.

Our projects in this area include working with individual farmers to look at the needs of their property as well as developing plans and facilitating access to information that will support the adoption of improved practices. We also work with farmers to manage natural threats such as weeds and pests, and to better manage native vegetation, river systems and native fauna.

This support is provided by Regional Landcare Facilitator( Agriculture), who provides landholders with a range of field based training sessions, demonstrations, field days and resources which are focused on sharing ideas, capacity building and enabling landholders to trial innovative practices and test new ideas. Our people bring experience working with farmers and land managers and are focused on plans and actions that will deliver a broad range of benefits for the property and its surrounds. Our work includes:

  • a focus on improved productivity and quality
  • investigating alternative farm practices
  • increasing soil productivity and improving water efficiency
  • closed system approaches
  • reduction of fertiliser and chemical inputs
  • reduced emissions
  • promoting a best practice ‘paddock to plate’ experience
  • a broader commitment and promotion of sustainable agriculture practices

For more information, get in touch with our Regional Landcare Facilitator at the NRM South office on 03 6221 6111 or contact an NRM Facilitator in your area. Remember to also keep an eye on our event calendar for any upcoming activities that may be of interest and register for our monthly enews to find out more about what’s going on in your area.