Make it a shorebirds summer

With summer holidays underway, and as we prepare our beach kits ready to get out and enjoy the sun, sand and surf – it’s a timely reminder to keep an eye out for beach-nesting shorebirds. Nesting season starts in early spring and extends right through until the end of summer – but it’s during peak visitor times over December and January that they’re most at risk of disturbance.

Many of Tasmania’s shorebirds are in decline, but with a few simple steps we can all help to give them back their place in the sun. When you visit a beach, keep an eye out for signs that will let you know what birds might be nesting in the area – and if you spot any fenced off areas, keep well away to give nesting birds the space they need to raise their broods stress-free.

– Stick to the wet sand
– Keep dogs on a leash
– Stay at least 15m from nesting shorebirds

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