Killer of a Whale Trail on the East Coast

Last year, Sorell Council, Tasman Council , Glamorgan Spring Bay Council and Break O Day Councils were successful in receiving $93,800 towards development of whale trail viewing platforms and interpretive signage in Spectacle Point, Eaglehawk Neck and along the East Coast Drive. The projects were secured through federal funding with


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South East Regional Shorebirds Alliance

The South East Regional Shorebirds Alliance (SERSA) is a collaboration with multiple government and not-for-profit organisations to support community efforts in Southern Tasmania’s east coast to protect beach nesting shorebirds. This includes  threatened Terns, Hooded Plover, Little Penguin; and Pied and Sooty Oystercatchers and Red-capped Plover. For many shorebird species,



Bushfire resources for the Summer season

It’s Summer season and our highest risk of bushfire incident.  The following links may be of use in preparing and considering risks for the bushfire season. Bushfire awareness and resources – http://www.bushfirereadyneighbourhoods.tas.gov.au/ Bushfire Survival Plan – http://www.fire.tas.gov.au/Show?pageId=colpreparePlan Recovery after bushfire: Restoring our landscape – a publication to help with recovery