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What’s happening out in the regions – 2015 Facilitator update

Paul Gray and Jen Milne

NRM South’s Network of NRM Facilitators have been successful into 2014-15 supporting our community in natural resource management. NRM Facilitators are co-employed/hosted across eight council areas, and deliver regional projects with their local community.

The NRM Network of Facilitators mission is to support community with informed decision making, to encourage action and participation in appropriate natural resource management at a local level towards regional objectives.

Some of the highlights include Sorell Council’s new NRM Facilitators Paul Gray and Jen Milne (pictured), who have hit the ground running. Other highlights include; Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon Ramsar site (PWOL) weed control and sediment device projects in partnership with Veolia, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service and PWOL Wildcare group, and a partnership with Inghams to restore coastal vegetation and continued post fire recovery. Paul and Jen who are job-sharing a full-time role, support community projects, seek partnerships, are working to raise awareness of natural resource management within the Sorell community and council.

The Derwent Catchment NRM Committee (DCNRMC) has recruited Josie Kelman (who has joined the Facilitator Network). She has made significant progress with the support of her committee, Central Highlands and Derwent Valley councils and NRM South. Dairy Cares for the Derwent, a partnership program between Dairy Tasmania, Derwent Catchment NRM Committee, NRM South, the Tasmanian Government and local farmers continues to attract investment including recent success with a 25th Landcare Anniversary Grant, and is growing into a significant program in the Derwent Valley. Other work in the region includes revision of the Weed Plan, continued farmer discussion groups, field days and resources, Miena Cider Gum recovery, post fire recovery and loads more! Check out

Tasman Council continues to kick great goals with Jen Milne at the helm. Oyster smashing (control of feral oysters on priority beaches) continued post fire recovery support and shorebirds activities with schools and the community through local events and support to community groups continue.

In the east, the Catchments to Coast Team at Glamorgan Spring Bay Council with facilitator Terry Higgs, have strided into 2015 with ongoing shorebird protection on beaches, post fire boneseed control and presence at many community fairs and reinvigoration of a farming group through support. Terry and the team will soon be engaging with land managers around the Moulting Lagoon Ramsar site regarding weed and natural values management at their World Wetlands Day event, and hosting a Little Penguin knowledge sharing conference in Bicheno.

In the south, NRM Facilitator Tim Ackroyd (working across Hobart, Kingborough and Huon Valley) has supported a range of neat initiatives, alongside the ongoing popular Small Landholder Property Management Planning program in the Huon and Channel. New initiatives brewing are supporting a Huon Farm Expo, Urban Incentives in the Mountain to Marine program, woody weed workshop and investigation of World Heritage Area buffer management. Tim continues to work closely with councils to support farmers, groups and activities in the regions, and developing resources to enable community action. Tim also recently worked with Hannah from GoodLife Permaculture, supporting landholders with holistic river management, through a successful Climate Connect grant.

Holly Hansen is also working closely with our Regional Landcare Facilitator progressing a Horse Expo in May 2015. This expo will be run in partnership with NRM North and Cradle Coast, with a range of expert speakers including Mariette van den Berg on pasture management and horse nutrition.

The NRM Network of Facilitators play a key role in supporting regional priorities at a local level and work collaboratively within their council networks, with local industry and business, individuals and community groups. NRM South is committed to investing in this network, as a vital role in providing direct extension to our Southern Tasmanian community.

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