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Woody Weed Management Workshop – a great day covering all things weedy!

29 land owners mainly from Kingborough and the Huon Valley took part in a Woody Weed Management Workshop on a property in Kingborough run by Kingborough Council and NRM South. It was a great day where everyone got to find out more about how to manage woody weeds such as Spanish heath.

Participants identified common woody weeds and ways to control them. The Kingborough Council weed crew talked about weed control techniques and carried out some great practical demonstrations, including cutting and pasting and herbicide spraying.

A couple of local land owners shared their experiences with managing Spanish heath, including their successes and failures. The information they shared was really valuable for managing woody weeds on private property and their stories were really inspiring. One of these land owners talked about his success with managing Spanish heath infested pastures using a combination of cultivation, liming, herbicide control, sowing new pastures and sheep grazing, where he’s now seeing great results!

Participants went through an example of how to develop a weed management plan, which included how to prioritise weed work, where to start and how to develop a long-term action plan. Having a good plan and keeping good records makes the job of managing weeds a whole lot easier.

It was a successful day set in a great location, and the weather held out for attendees. Thanks to the welcoming and generous host’s adventure-based learning venue Fusion and their property manager David.


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