Protecting our natural resources

Collaborative action for healthy landscapes and seascapes, protected natural values, and sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles.

We work to keep the natural and productive landscapes of south-eastern Tasmania healthy over the long term. We play a key role in building partnerships, securing and directing investment, connecting knowledge and expertise to action and increasing the capacity of others to engage in NRM activities.

Tasmania’s southern region covers 2.5 million hectares of land and is bounded by the Southern Ocean. It is recognised globally for its healthy, intact and diverse natural landscapes and productive land and seascapes. Our region’s wealth of natural resources underpins southern Tasmania’s identity as well as its economic, social, and environmental wellbeing.

Latest News & Updates

  • Reporting back from the Sustainable Agricultural Facilitator Conference

    NRM South’s Sustainable Agricultural Facilitators, Yolanda Hanusch and Tim Ackroyd, recently attended the first biennial Sustainable Agricultural Facilitator (SAF) Conference…
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  • Extending efforts to protect Swan galaxias – new project announced

    NRM South is pleased to announce that a new Swan galaxias project has been approved, funded through an Australian Government…
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  • Managing a northern migration: How Felixer traps on north Bruny Island can help control feral cat movement from the island’s south.

    MEDIA RELEASE Following years of targeted control of feral and stray cats on north Bruny Island, it is estimated that…
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FRIDAY 21 june

Moulting Lagoon Field Day

Join NRM South for a site visit to two properties at the Moulting Lagoon Ramsar site, highlighting NRM South’s significant wetland restoration efforts. Across both sites, we will view restoration works completed during the previous project, ‘Improving the ecological character of Moulting Lagoon and Apsley Marshes Ramsar Sites,’ delivered by NRM South through funding from the Australian Government’s Regional Landcare Partnership.

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