Tasmanian Quoll Conservation Program

The Tasmanian Quoll Conservation Program (TQCP) comprises an Australia-wide group of institutions that manage the breeding of Eastern and Spotted-tailed Quolls to directly support wild populations within Tasmania and provide support for endorsed Eastern Quoll conservation programs across Australia.

NRM South is reviewing the administrative, governance, and decision-making structures of the TQCP, and developing an investment plan and research prospectus for the program. These tasks are are identified in the TQCP five-year management strategy and delivered as part of a collaboration agreement with the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Our Approach

This project is supporting improved conservation outcomes for Eastern and Spotted-tailed Quolls through;

  • Improving governance and decision-making structures to provide independent and transparent oversight;
  • Reviewing administrative processes to ensure appropriate information exchange and data management;
  • Working with the TQCP to provide breeding recommendations and annual reporting;
  • Developing an investment plan to ensure ongoing viability and program development;
  • Developing a research prospectus to identify knowledge gaps and guide future research.


The Tasmanian Quoll Conservation Program (TQCP) began in 2008, with the aim to source quolls for key reintroduction projects nationally – including ‘wild’ reintroductions (such as Booderee National park, NSW) and fenced exclosures (such a Mt Rothwell, Victoria). To support these projects, the TQCP maintains captive populations of eastern and spotted-tailed quoll populations across selected institutions in Tasmania and the mainland, the breeding of which are managed via studbooks.

TQCP members

The membership of the TQCP currently includes Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Devils @ Cradle, East Coast Natureworld, Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary, Zoodoo Zoo, Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park, Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary (Aussie Ark), Dunkeld Pastoral Company, Ipswich Nature Centre, Kyabram Fauna Park, Oakvale Fauna Park, Conservation Ecology Centre, Potoroo Palace Native Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife HQ Zoo. Facilities managing their own eastern quoll metapopulations with TQCP sourced founder animals include Odonata (Mount Rothwell and Tiverton Sanctuaries) and Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary.

Management Strategy

The strategy, developed in 2021, is informed by past breeding recommendations, Conservation Advice and Recovery Plans, scientific papers on the relevant species and advice from members of the TQCP and conservation organisations working on quoll programs.

This project is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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