Regional Strategy to 2030 for Southern Tasmania

The Natural Resource Management Strategy for Southern Tasmania provides a framework for action to guide activity that will help manage and improve the natural resources in our region.

Produced in consultation with specialists, industry, government, and community stakeholders, the strategies identify the natural resource management priorities and emerging issues unique to each of Tasmania’s NRM regions. Leveraging investment from both the Tasmanian and Australian Governments, the strategies will assist the NRM organisations to plan, develop and deliver significant on-ground actions across the state.

Developed collaboratively across all three of Tasmania’s NRM regions, the strategies adopt a consistent, scalable, whole-of-state NRM framework that the NRM organisations will use to prioritise their investment.

Focusing on the three primary themes of the strategies provide a blueprint for the actions that each NRM organisation will focus on through to 2030. With a view to long-term outcomes that include support for Aboriginal communities, improving landscape resilience to climate change, improved waterway health, and reducing impacts on Tasmania’s threatened species, the regional strategies maintain a strong focus on improving the condition of natural resources and driving sustainable production using specific and measurable criteria.

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