NRM South Membership

Membership of the Association is free and open to organisations and individuals with an interest in natural resource management in Southern Tasmania.

Membership information

The association is an incorporated body and membership is open to anyone interested in natural resource management in Southern Tasmania who accepts and supports the Membership Charter.

The members of the Association elect the members of the Southern NRM Regional Committee – which in turn provides strategic guidance and direction to the CEO and Management Team of NRM South.

Membership of the Association provides the opportunity to:

  • Stay informed about NRM developments, events and activities in Southern Tasmania
  • Share your ideas and ensure that your concerns and recommendations are heard
  • Influence regional NRM decision-making

The association meets formally each year for the Annual General Meeting to ratify the Annual Report and Auditor’s Report. Members frequently get involved in other NRM South activities including reviewing and updating the Regional Strategy, attending conferences and events and in supporting on the ground programs.

NRM South rules of association

2015 Annual General Meeting papers

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