Regional Soil Coordinator

NRM South supports Tasmania’s Regional Soil Co-ordinator in partnership with the Tas Farm Innovation Hub and Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture.  

The Regional Soil Co-ordinator (RSC) initiative is an integral component of Australia’s National Soils Strategy, creating nationally cohesive and regionally specific support to build soils capacity for our agriculture and environment.

Our Approach

Tasmania’s Soil Co-ordinator operates across the state to identify opportunities to build soils skills and capabilities, both for productive agriculture, and a healthy environment by;

  • Working with Tasmania’s soil community to determine key current and past soils initiatives and research, to inform future decisions to preserve and enhance soil health;
  • Conducting a gap analysis and providing recommendations to address soils skills and capability gaps in Tasmania;
  • Facilitating connections between different stakeholders to strengthen and complement research and extension efforts in Tasmania;
  • Supporting the management and design of the Tasmanian Soil Extension Program, and;
  • Communicating with the National Soils Community of Practice to represent Tasmanian interests in building soils capacity under the National Soil Strategy.


Caring for our soils is important for ensuring agricultural productivity and healthy landscapes, now, and into the future. The National Soils Strategy and National Soil Action Plan released by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), states a vision that:

“Australia’s soil is recognised and valued as a key national asset by all stakeholders. It is better understood and sustainably managed, to benefit and secure our environment, economy, food, infrastructure, health, biodiversity, and communities – now and in the future.”

The Regional Soil Co-ordinator project is contributing to this vision, under Goal 3 of the National Strategy, which aims to strengthen soil knowledge and capability.

Image credit: Samuel Shelley
This project is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Thanks to our project partners

This project is supported by NRM South through funding from the Australian Government (DAFF National Landcare Program/Future Drought Fund)