About Us

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is about using our resources wisely and sustainably while protecting the environment. NRM South works closely with government, landholders, research organisations, community groups and others to build partnerships, lead on-ground action and share information resources and knowledge about our region. We are focused on delivering economic benefit to the community and the state and demonstrating the value of managing our natural assets.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that current and future generations of Tasmanians continue to benefit from our remarkable and productive environment.

Our role

NRM South is one of three natural resource management bodies in Tasmania and forms part of a national network of 54 similar bodies. NRM South is formed under the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002 and is responsible for identifying the region’s priorities for natural resource management, working with the community to prepare a regional NRM strategy and facilitating its implementation.

As a non-government leader in natural resource management we act as a regional ‘hub’. We build partnerships, securing and directing investment, connecting knowledge and expertise to action and increasing the capacity of others to engage in NRM activities.

We engage and work with the other regional bodies on issues of state-wide significance, all three tiers of government, research, industry, other non-government organisations and the community to protect and enhance our region’s land, freshwater, coastal and marine environments and the variety of life and industries they support.

See information about the NRM Framework that supports the act here

Our Vision

“The Southern Region’s natural resources will be protected, sustainably managed and improved for the shared environmental, social and economic benefit of our Region by a well-informed, well-resourced and actively committed community.”

Our Mission

We will lead and support improved management of natural resources in Southern Tasmania.

Our Values

Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration, Passion, Impact/Achievement

Strategic Priorities

1. Develop and share knowledge of the region’s natural resource condition, values and threats.

2. Build partnerships and engage the community in positive action.

3. Deliver on ground and sustainable practice programs in priority areas (geographic and sector).

4. Optimise use of available resources and secure additional resources for NRM.

5. Govern and manage the NRM South business well.

NRM South monitors and evaluates its programs to ensure they are delivering sound outcomes, and that the processes involved in delivery can be continuously improved. NRM South refers to the Australian Government’s natural resource management Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement Framework.

There are five typical types of evaluation questions used to assess programs including: appropriateness, effectiveness, impact, efficiency and legacy/sustainability. The purpose of evaluation is to learn from experiences and improve processes; assess accountability against investor needs and NRM South priorities and to monitor outcomes in an ongoing way.