Meet the Team

Our dynamic team, based in our Hobart office, is a group of knowledgeable and passionate people with skills across a range of areas, including conservation, land management, marine sciences, administration and project management. Want to be part of the team? Keep an eye on our careers page for opportunities as they arise.


Nepelle Crane


Nepelle has been working in the natural resource management field in Tasmania for over 15 years, working in Local and State Government, at the University of Tasmania, and across the farming, seafood and forestry sectors. She has a passion for finding connections and commonality between people, and has demonstrated that it is possible to have business success and improved environmental outcomes. Nepelle loves spending time with her family – camping, bushwalking, fishing, snorkeling, landcaring, cooking and painting.

todd nation


Todd is an experienced business manager with a demonstrated history of developing and delivering key initiatives across the environmental, agricultural, and higher education sectors. He has LEAN certification and is passionate about process improvement, knowledge transfer and joining dots to develop new opportunities and create partnerships. As a graduate of the Tasmanian Leader’s Program and with extensive experience in strategic HR, Todd enjoys building high-performing teams, positive culture and effective people processes. Todd oversees NRM South’s corporate services, operations, and business development function.

Kate Malcolm


Kate brings diverse experience to the NRM South team. Her academic background is in law, corporate finance and financial accounting, and she has completed the Chartered Accountants program. She has worked in professional services firms and not-for-profit organisations, and has experience with a wide range of sectors including government, education and the private sector. Kate has a passion for improving how data and information is captured and presented, so it is meaningful to the audience and assists decision-making. New to Tasmania, Kate is spending her spare time exploring the outdoors and hiking the beautiful trails. She is a lover of gardening, cooking and fresh produce, and is in the planning stages of transforming her plain suburban backyard into a productive, permaculture inspired kitchen garden.

dr cindy hull


Cindy has spent the past 20 years working in the environmental management sector, with a particular focus on bird conservation. With a PhD in avian ecology, her work has taken her to Victoria, Macquarie Island, Antarctica and Canada. Cindy manages NRM South’s biodiversity projects and oversees the Wedge-tailed Eagle offset fund and Orange-bellied Parrot project. She is also involved in a variety of other projects ranging from weeds to penguin monitoring in the Derwent. Cindy is passionate about Tasmania and can often be found exploring its parks and reserves, or enjoying all that the state has to offer.

jennifer hemer

Program Manager – Water and Marine

Jennifer has more than 20 years’ experience working in natural resource management, STEM education and community engagement. She loves to develop collaborative and diverse partnerships to achieve impact. Her research background is in fisheries biology, and she has experience working across different levels of government, research organisations, not for profits and the private sector. Jen is happiest by the sea and can often be found exploring the great outdoors by foot, bike, or paddle. She’ll usually have a set of knitting needles stowed somewhere in her bags.

james stronach

Program Manager – Agriculture and Carbon

James has a diverse career leading change in multiple sectors. He developed an interest in sustainable food systems during his time as Deputy Director for the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture. At TIA, he led programs that brought together government, community, academic, philanthropic and commercial interests and now continues this work with NRM South. James is passionate about Tasmania’s natural landscape and when he is not photographing it, he is often found at one of Tasmania’s world-class mountain bike parks.

Jill Jones

Strategic Programs Manager

Jill has over 20 years experience working in environmental management in South Australia and Tasmania, in local and state government, and NRM organisations where she has led and supported government and multi-partner NRM projects and programs. She is passionate about bringing different stakeholders together to design and progress purposeful solutions to natural resources management problems and believes that meaningful relationships are critical to achieving practical outcomes. Originally from South Australia, Jill relocated to Tasmania in 2009, falling in love with Tasmania’s wild landscapes, outdoor lifestyle and nature loving community. Jill enjoys spending time with friends and family camping, hiking, walking a beach, gardening or undertaking creative pursuits inspired by nature.


Amelia Jensen

Executive Assistant

Amelia has previously been working as a Consultant in the Energy, Resources and Utilities industry. She is transitioning to the NRM Sector while also studying Marine and Antarctic Science. In her spare time, Amelia can be found hiking, surfing and eating the amazing food Tasmania has to offer.

Nathalie Laurence

Communications Officer

Nathalie has been working in the NRM field for over a decade, and draws on her environmental management background to help with project administration and developing communications content. She has worked internationally on global conservation projects and spent many years in Australia’s tropical north studying Top End wildlife and ecosystems before moving to Tasmania in 2015. Nathalie is an advocate for strengthening local food networks and can usually be found pottering around her food and flower garden with her two dogs on her own plot of rural paradise in the Huon Valley.

Billy Pangestu

Finance Officer

Billy brings extensive experience in finance and administrative support for in consulting, healthcare and government industries to the NRM South team. He has a proven track record in managing accounting transactions, bookkeeping, payroll, and financial reporting and is motivated to support more efficient workflows and continuous improvement in NRM South’s finance operations. He has completed a Bachelor of Professional Accounting at Macquarie University in Sydney. He is currently working on completing his CPA program and in his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, eating and travelling in Tasmania.

Maudie Brown

Business Development Officer

Maudie transitioned from the resources industry to the NRM sector in 2017, bringing a raft of transferable skills and a passion for protecting Tasmania’s unique and wonderful flora and flora. Maudie spent several years managing threatened species conservation projects for the organisation before taking an extended period of leave. Since returning, she has taken on a business development role and is embracing the opportunities to broaden her skillset that this new role offers. Maudie enjoys bushwalking, camping, yoga, live music, dancing, cooking and gardening. A firm believer in distributed urban food systems, Maudie is researching and planning the development of a food forest on her suburban property.


tim ackroyd

Land Program Coordinator

Tim helps to deliver on-ground agricultural projects across our region. He works with farmers, industry and community to share information on sustainable agricultural practices and support NRM South’s Agricultural Program. Tim has been with the NRM South team since 2012 and during this time has worked tirelessly to provide landholders with the necessary skills and knowledge through workshops, field days and on-ground trial work to assist them in building on their land management practices. Originally from the UK, he previously helped to manage public reserves in his role as a Countryside Ranger – work which included using cattle as a management tool to improve native pastures and rare heathlands (a popular practice in the UK and Europe).

yolanda hanusch

Senior Project Officer – Land

Yolanda has a keen interest in supporting sustainable land management in agricultural landscapes, focusing on the conservation and enhancement of ecosystem and biodiversity functions. Her academic background is in entomology and agroecology. Originally from Germany, she completed her undergraduate studies in Tasmania, with her honours project focusing on ecological direct-seeding and native tree-planting in the Midlands. Her PhD thesis completed in 2023 through the University of Sydney focused on floral usage of beneficial flower-feeding insects (pollinators, natural pest enemies) in orchards and small-scale diverse cropping systems in Tasmania and NSW. Yolanda is excited to be working, living, and exploring the beautiful island of lutruwita – Tasmania, and she is always more than happy to talk and learn more about conservation projects, agricultural production, gardening, compositing, and the beautiful world of insects.

belinda nielsen

Regional Soils Coordinator

Belinda joined the NRM South team as the Regional Soils Co-ordinator for Tasmania. With a background in agricultural science, specialising in soils and horticulture, Belinda is keen to be out and about across the state, getting to know anyone and everyone involved with Tassie soils. As a part of Australia’s National Soils Strategy, Belinda’s role looks to identify and support regional priorities for soil management, as well as investigating broader linkages into other state and national activities. When she’s not out chatting soils, Belinda can be found making the most of Tasmania’s natural landscapes and fresh produce.

Jacinta Leys

Graduate Project Officer

Jacinta joined NRM South’s land team in early 2024 after completing her Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons) at the University of Tasmania. Her honours project focused on the different patterns of seed dormancy breakdown for a novel legume species, known as serradellas, and the practical outcomes for different farming systems. Jacinta developed a strong interest in sustainable agriculture and the importance of natural resource management while working on her family farm in northern Tasmania. She is interested in drought resilience, pasture biodiversity, and connecting with the local community. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking through the beautiful landscape of Tasmania, going to the gym, horse riding on her family farm, and playing squash at her local sports centre.


dr cat young

Senior Project Officer – Zoology

Catherine has a research background and extensive experience working with Tasmania’s threatened fauna. She has a broad interest in conservation and ecology with a particular focus on birds and their breeding habits. Her research has enabled her to work on a variety of taxa and environments around Australia, South Africa and the UK. When not in the office or watching birds, Catherine likes to bake and try her hand at new crafts like felting, cyanotype or crochet.

Dr Adam Cisterne

Senior Project Officer – Biodiversity

Adam has broad experience in ecology and biosciences, as a researcher and consultant working on threatened and invasive fauna, both in Tasmania and other parts of Australia. Most recently, Adam’s work has focused on Tasmanian raptors, the masked owl and wedge-tailed eagle. Adam has a particular interest in the application of genetics to conservation and ecology and will be leading NRM South’s Ammonite snail project. When Adam is not at work, you might find him out on his bike or down by the river fishing.

Paige Green

Senior Project Officer – Biodiversity & Water

Paige has a diverse background in ecology ranging from research and environmental consultancy and field biology across terrestrial, marine and island ecosystems. Originally from South Africa, Paige has worked from there to the Subantarctic region, and is now loving her new wild home of Tasmania. Paige loves nature and organization and being able to work at NRM South with a combination of both of those makes her very happy. When she’s not at work, she enjoys walking (getting those kilometres in for her virtual challenges), archery, fly fishing, travelling around Tassie and reading.


laurel mcGinnity

Water Program Coordinator

-ON MATERNITY LEAVE- Prior to transitioning to the NRM sector, Laurel spent nine years working in the resource industry in Queensland and New South Wales on various projects including site revegetation, coordination of water extraction and discharges and monitoring and management of biodiversity offsets and nature reserves. She is working on an NRM South-led project to improve the ecological character of the Moulting Lagoon and Apsley Marshes Ramsar sites. She enjoys going to the gym, walking her dogs, hiking and exploring the great outdoors in Tasmania.

grace isdale

Senior Project Officer – Marine

Grace manages the Fisheries Habitat Restoration Program with projects at Pittwater-Orielton Lagoon and North West Bay, as well as the Blue Carbon Ecosystem Restoration project. She has an academic background in zoology, geography, and writing, and holds an Honours degree in marine biology during which she investigated immunonutrition in Atlantic salmon. Grace has experience working in the Tasmanian fisheries industry, providing support to the state’s commercial fishers, marine farmers, and processors, and promoting the seafood industry to the wider community. She can usually be found climbing, hiking and exploring the outdoors, or at home reading or baking.

zak wheaton

Senior Project Officer – Water

Zak is working on NRM South’s Handfish conservation project and provides project support for Water team. Zak has a Marine Ecology background with a particular interest in exploring novel techniques and technologies for the purpose of environmental restoration. His Honours project explored how soundscape manipulation could be used for oyster reef restoration. Zak is excited by the prospect of working to conserve and protect the diverse and unique ecosystems our island has to offer and likes to get out into the Tassie outdoors where he hikes and surfs.