posted 7 November, 2022

MEDIA RELEASE: Book your slot to spot a swiftie!

Spring is in full swing, which means groups of brightly coloured Swift Parrots are once again gracing our forests for their breeding season. For a chance to see and learn more about this endangered migratory parrot, NRM South, in partnership with Inala Nature Tours, are hosting a public field trip on Bruny Island on 26 November.
The aim of the event is to raise awareness about the plight of Swift Parrots and the importance of protecting critical habitat. It is part of a series of community events that have been offered to school groups and the public over the last three years.

Swift Parrots breed only in Tasmania, migrating from the Australian mainland for spring and summer. Their core breeding areas are in Tasmania’s south-east, where they feed exclusively on the nectar of Blue Gums and Black Gums. They also depend on nesting hollows found in large, old trees near to their feeding areas.
Through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, NRM South have been working with project partners to protect Swift Parrots. NRM South is examining ways to increase nesting success, identify and protect key breeding habitat and raise community awareness. Project activities to date include trialling solutions to reduce the impacts of their main predator – the introduced sugar glider, securing conservation covenants with private landholders to protect high value habitat, and annual gum blossom surveys to help predict where Swift Parrots may choose to nest.

The 1,500-acre Inala Private Conservation Reserve on South Bruny Island is well known for reliable sightings of Swift Parrots as it contains large areas of their preferred foraging and breeding habitat. The property is also home to many other special species, including Forty-spotted Pardalotes, Eastern Quolls, Firetail Finch and Pink Robins.
The field day runs from 9am to 1pm and no previous bird watching experience is necessary.


Registration details can be found on the NRM South home page