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  • Chloe James with sediment core. Image credit Tim Lynch, CSIRO

    Restoring Coastal Havens: Using Environmentally Friendly Moorings to Protect Marine Habitat

    Chain swing moorings are commonly used to tether vessels in shallow coastal waters. Unfortunately, these moorings are highly destructive to…

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: New generation of boat mooring saving vital seagrass communities

    Seagrass, oyster and sponge habitat in North West, Oyster Cove and Barnes Bay are on the path to recovery thanks…

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  • Refining monitoring for EFMs  

    Marine life in North West Bay will soon be celebrating, with twelve environmentally-friendly moorings (EFMs) being installed this month. As…

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  • Image credit: Anthony Mountain

    Environmentally Friendly Moorings – why make the switch?

    Twelve mooring leaseholders in the Channel region of North West Bay have put up their hands to swap their chain…

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Improved mooring options to save valuable seagrass

    Natural Resource Management South, working in partnership with CSIRO and OzFish Unlimited, are calling on volunteers with moorings at North…

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Funding for fish habitat restoration projects

    NRM South is pleased to announce its success in securing funding to restore fish habitat in North West Bay and…

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