posted 21 September, 2023

Celebrating 20 years of operations at our 2023 AGM

This week, NRM South celebrated our 20th year anniversary as part of our Annual General Meeting. We were thrilled to present our annual report and recent achievements to a packed room of close to 100 attendees.

As well as the business-as-usual side of the AGM, we were proud to showcase a series of short videos highlighting the work being done with our partners as part of our land, water and biodiversity programs. These videos will be up online soon, alongside a series of clips from each of our four previous Chairs as they reflected on their time at NRM South.

This year also marked the succession of a new Chair, and we are pleased to announce that Bob Rutherford has been officially appointed as the new Chair for NRM South. Mr Rutherford has had extensive involvement in policy and regulatory issues in the areas of energy, natural resources and infrastructure and brings a wealth of relevant expertise to the role. We would like to also thank outgoing Chair Andrew Scanlon for his years of service in the role.

We are looking forward to the year ahead, and our continued work with partners on natural resource management issues in Tasmania. You can download a copy of our 2022-23 Annual Report at the link.