posted 9 May, 2024

Extending efforts to protect Swan galaxias – new project announced

NRM South is pleased to announce that a new Swan galaxias project has been approved, funded through an Australian Government ‘Saving Native Species’ grant. Our activities will build on the efforts of our recently completed project that saw the establishment of two new populations of this isolated freshwater fish, as well as significant advancements in DNA-based monitoring and assessing the populations’ genetics.

Working with partners at the CSIRO and the Inland Fisheries Service, we will continue to establish new populations and make use of the environmental DNA marker (developed as part of the previous project) to improve management approaches. We will also be investigating the feasibility of captive breeding and invasive species exclusion as additional management approaches and engaging with Tasmania’s angler community to help build a sense of stewardship for freshwater systems and river health. You can find out more about the project here.