Monitoring Resources

monitoring CollageMonitoring as a tool

Monitoring is an important part of project management as it lets us know what kinds of effect (positive or negative) our activities are having on the local environment and where we may need to make changes. NRM South provides resources (both written and practical) to help land managers and community groups assess the changes to and condition of their local environments and run several training sessions for community and professionals.

Saltmarsh Monitoring- go to our dedicated resource page

Vegetation Health Check

To better understand the threats to Tasmania’s protected species, NRM South has established the Vegetation Health Check program to build capacity and increase awareness around the assessment of vegetation condition across Tasmania’s southern Region. Using the TASVEG Vegetation Condition Assessment methodology, the program aims to promote the broader application of a consistent monitoring approach to provide an indication of overall environmental condition and support efforts to improve vegetation condition on public and private land through well-informed management practices.

Consolidating previous work, the program will inform restoration of valuable habitat in coastal areas, improve management of land around Ramsar sites and contribute to the wider use of a consistent methodology to identify change over time, as well as support landholders to manage threats to native vegetation.