posted 5 December, 2023

New Swan Galaxias Settle Into New Habitat, Signalling Promising Population Growth

Six months ago, through a project to help boost the survival of endangered Swan galaxias in Tasmania, NRM South worked with Tasmania’s Inland Fisheries Service (IFS) to move 120 fish to two new sites.

Sites were chosen based on habitat suitability and the absence of introduced predators such as trout. The fish were also carefully selected to ensure the best possible genetic mix based on a genetic analysis that had been carried out by the CSIRO.

Last week, our Water team joined staff from IFS staff to follow up on how both the source populations and new groups were getting on, to ensure they were in good health and check on numbers. We’re pleased to report all of our source populations have recovered well with good numbers observed at all sites. They also found fish at both of the translocation sites, which is an encouraging sign for the prospects of these populations.

We will continue to monitor the health of these populations as they re-establish and grow.

This project was funded through the Australian Government’s Environmental Restoration Fund and wrapped up in June 2023.