Planning on-ground works

The Biosecurity Network’s Arrive Clean, Leave Clean campaign aims to reduce the spread of harmful pests, weeds and disease-causing pathogens in Tasmania.

Of particular concern is Chytrid frog fungus, Phytophthora and Didymo (rock snot) spreading or being introduced into our wilderness areas, and weeds such as gorse and Spanish heath infesting our farmland, bushland and roadsides. The good news is that no matter where the potential problem is coming from, the means of preventing it are the same.

Anyone conducting on-ground works in Tasmania is asked to follow our Check, Clean, Disinfect, Dry protocols. Contractors, construction and roadside crews are expected to follow effective cleandown procedures or risk being turned away at the worksite.

NRM South, in collaboration with the Biosecurity Network, has prepared the Keeping it Clean manual, along with a suite of instructional videos to explain the problem and outline ways to reduce the risk of spreading harmful organisms; through careful planning, adhering to field hygiene protocols, and by investing in equipment to enable workers to keep clean between work sites.

In light of the risks to our natural and productive landscapes we’re spreading the word that Clean, Check, Disinfect, Dry is good for business. Our public agencies can help by favouring those providers who can demonstrate good field hygiene practices. This goes for your internal systems as well. Cleandown and other biosecurity controls should be an integral part of operational procedures and WH&S practices throughout your organisation, and be considered when planning on-ground works and granting permits and approvals to contractors.

NRM South works with the Biosecurity Network, whose mission is to make Clean, Check, Disinfect, Dry universal practice in Tasmania. The Network works together to plan and implement biosecurity initiatives. Contact us if your organisation would like to join the Biosecurity Network.

NRM South can supply you with portable biosecurity kits and assist with training for your staff. For biosecurity kits and F10 prices click here.

For more resources to help you with biosecurity planning for work sites, check our online resources sheet.

Arrive Clean, Leave Clean


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