Brochures, factsheets & manuals

NRM South has a collection of useful brochures and publications for use by land managers and community groups. These include the biosecurity manual, publications related to agriculture, community, animals and plants.


Landholder Series – Property Planning Guides

These fact sheets have been designed for owners of small farms and properties who want to learn more about managing their land for better agricultural and environmental outcomes.

Animal Husbandry

Carbon Farming in Southern Tasmania

Carrying capacity and DSE

Decision making tips for your business

Healthy Environment

Healthy Farming

Farm Biosecurity

Healthy Soils

Healthy Waterways

Invasive Species

Managing Waterways

Native Vegetation

Pasture and Grazing

Property Planning Reference Guide

Threatened Species – Birds

Threatened Species – Mammals

Threatened Species Management

Waterways Guide- EDO- NEW Sept 2016

Weed Management

Grazing Management

Common Grasses of Tasmania To help identify grasses in Tasmania pasture, identify native species for conservation activities and to manage introduced species that may have become environmental weeds.

Guide to planned grazing A manual describing how to conduct a planned grazing trial on your property

Land Management

Salinity glove box guide Tasmania Provides information about dryland, irrigation and urban salinity in Tasmania.

Drought – Facing the challenge and managing the risk

Waterways Guide- EDO- NEW Sept 2016


Biosecurity Manuals

The ‘Keeping it Clean: Check, Clean, Dry and Disinfect’ biosecurity message is all about preventing the introduction and spread of diseases such as frog chytrid fungus, Phytophthora dieback, didymo and platypus mucor disease into Tasmania’s pristine wilderness.

Check Clean Disinfect Dry (brochure)

Keeping it Clean: Tasmanian Field Hygiene Manual


Shorebird Resources

Beach Nesting Birds DL Flyer

Shorebirds Poster A1

Beach Nesting Shorebirds – Pull Up Banner

Resident shorebirds and seabirds of the Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon 2013
This publication summarises the findings of survey work to fill the major data gap on the presence of nesting sites of resident shorebirds in the PWOL Nature Reserve and Ramsar Site.

Waterways/Wetland Factsheets

Moulting Lagoon Flyer – NEW June 2017

Waterways Guide- EDO – Sept 2016

Healthy Waterways (for land managers)

Managing Waterways (for land managers)

Interlaken Report Card – NEW June 2017

Snapshot of the state of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Lower Huon Estuary

Moulting Lagoon – Report to the Community 2014
An overview of one of four Ramsar sites in Southern Tasmania including flora and fauna information, ecological values, threats and management actions.

Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon – Report to the Community 2012
An overview of one of four Ramsar sites in Southern Tasmania including flora and fauna information, ecological values, threats and management actions.


Mapping Coastal Saltmarshes in Southern Tasmania

Saltmarsh Matters- citizen science monitoring of values and condition of coastal saltmarsh- download the monitoring guide/ checklists and complete in the field, and upload data using the Saltmarsh Matters App

Saltmarsh Matters-Human Checklist web

Saltmarsh Matters-Bird Checklist web

Saltmarsh Matters-Bird Poster

Saltmarsh Matters-Plant Checklist web

Saltmarsh Matters- Saltmarsh App (also available through the App store for    iphones/tablets).


Bush Bird Fact Sheet

Bush birds – making your place their place too. This factsheet explains what you can do to encourage a greater diversity of native birds in your area.

Restoring Our Landscape

A revegetation guide for fire affected areas of Tasmania.


Native Gardens

Native gardens guide This guide provides simple yet inspiring garden advice for people living in the southern region of Tasmania. Water-wise local native plants that are suitable for gardens are suggested as attractive alternatives or replacements for introduced plants that can be harmful to our local natural landscapes.

Native plants suppliers list

Native Plant Species Lists

BrightonCentral HighlandsClarence
Derwent ValleyGlamorgan Spring BayGlenorchy
HobartHuon ValleyKingborough
SorrellSouthern MidlandsTasman