posted 21 July, 2022

Weed control workshop to protect a threatened community

Earlier this winter, our Senior Project Officer Sophie Golding organied a weed control workshop, facilitated by Axel Meiss, with landholders at a private property in the Huon Valley. The property is also home to a stand of what is formally known as ‘Tasmanian forest and woodlands dominated by Black Gum or Brooker’s Gum’ – a threatened vegetation community that is mostly found in farming landscapes.
Over the course of the workshop, farmers learned more about the benefits that this woodland habitat can bring to farming systems. They also learned more about the weed species that they may encounter in these woodland areas and how to control them to improve both the health of Black or Brooker’s gum forests as well as farmland.
Take a look at our short vlog on this workshop, and if you’re a landholder in southern Tasmania with Black or Brooker’s Gum forests on your property, we also have a range of resources that you can access to learn more about how to manage this community

This project is supported by NRM South through funding from the Australian Government.