Weeds Action Fund


The Tasmanian Government Weeds Action Fund aims to:

  • Provide a more strategic and targeted approach to tackling high priority weeds impacting valuable agricultural and environmental assets;
  • Improve the productive value of agricultural land and protect Tasmania’s natural values by removing the harmful effects of serious weed threats;
  • Support and co-invest with landowners, local government and the broader community to make sustainable, long-term and effective actions to address high priority weeds with eradication as a key objective; and
  • Encourage the concept of “shared responsibility” for weed management and biosecurity in general.



A key principle underpinning the Tasmanian Weeds Action Fund is that of “shared responsibility”. Landowners, local government and the broader community are encouraged to be strategic and work together to identify, and where possible, eradicate priority weeds that impact their land.

The initiative is also designed to support and drive shared responsibility through co-investment (of cash or in-kind resources) through the life of the program and beyond, to achieve high-level value for money and enduring long-term outcomes.


NRM North, Cradle Coast NRM, Department of Primary Industry Parks, Water and Environment



Tasmanian State Government Weed Action Fund





For more information, visit https://nrmnorth.org.au/land/weeds-action-fund/


  • 26 projects received a combined total of $200k in funding under small grants round (launched Oct 2020)
  • 11 projects funded for weed control work under the Large Grants round (2021)