Revisiting the east coast pasture trials

During an April field day at Milton on the east coast, we revisited our three pasture trials to see how different treatments and species have performed over several seasons. The original legume trial sown in 2017 looked at the performance of various clovers under dryland and drought conditions. The second

MEDIA RELEASE: Discovery of a historic pasture trial yields long-term pasture persistence data

Demonstration sites are an important tool that enables graziers to get useful local insights about the impact of different management approaches. Unfortunately, many demonstration sites are linked to short project timeframes and time-limited data. Led by NRM South, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, the Derwent Pasture

MEDIA RELEASE: Bringing back native Angasi reefs in southeast Tasmania

NRM South is working in partnership with The Nature Conservancy on the Reef Builder project to restore two hectares of native Angasi oyster reef in southeast Tasmania’s Derwent Estuary and D’Entrecasteaux Channel. Tasmania is home to Australia’s last remaining native Angasi oyster reef. These reefs were once common throughout Tasmanian

MEDIA RELEASE: Feathering the Nest – Build Your Own Feather Dispenser And Help An Endangered Bird Thrive

Tasmania’s tiny Forty-spotted Pardalote is a bird species that faces significant challenges – but recent research has shown that using a simple feather dispenser may offer a temporary solution. Habitat loss and degradation, a dwindling source of the white gums they rely on for food, a rapidly declining population, and

PODCAST: Forest on Farms – what’s the value?

Recently, Sophie Golding – NRM South’s senior project officer with our Biodiversity team – caught up with Rodney Rowe, a participant in our Forest on Farms program. The program has been designed to help production-focussed landholders improve and protect remnant stands of the critically endangered Black or Brookers gum ecological

Moving to Survive: Translocation Efforts to Protect a Fragile Species

As well as being one of Australia’s most at-risk freshwater fish, the Swan Galaxias is also one of our most mysterious. Confined to remote locations in Tasmania’s northeast, Swan Galaxias were only discovered in 1978 and we still know very little about their historic range and evolutionary history. Today, only