MEDIA RELEASE: Cat trapping underway in Bruny’s shearwater colonies

An important phase of NRM South’s ‘Priority actions for Eastern Quolls on north Bruny Island’ project has commenced. Feral cat trapping is now underway around the island’s short-tailed shearwater colonies, located on The Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve. Over the next two years, NRM South will be supporting this work

Supporting forests on farms

Expressions of Interest are now open for our Black or Brooker’s gum Forests on Farms Program. This program is providing capacity building and on-ground works support to help production-focussed landholders improve and protect remnant stands of the critically endangered ‘Tasmanian Black Gum and Brookers Gum Forests and Woodlands’ ecological community

Mid-year update

As we reach the halfway point of 2021, it's time to take stock of what we've been up to since the beginning of the year. It has been a busy 6 months here at NRM South, with new projects, new staff and lots of progress on our established projects. It

Conservation covenants protecting key habitat for Swift Parrots

Tasmania’s parks and reserves are important for protecting and sustaining habitats and the species that rely on them. However, a protected areas model alone is not enough to sustain biodiversity across our landscapes. Integrating protected areas into private land is increasingly recognised as important for broader conservation goals. As part

Protecting Bruny Island’s quolls through cat control

Feral cats have contributed to the extinction of at least 22 Australian mammal species since colonisation and are continuing to drive biodiversity declines across Australia. Removing cats on a landscape scale remains an ongoing challenge in Australian conservation. As a result, islands, particularly those with threatened species such as Bruny

Community efforts to revive an endangered gum

Tasmania is home to 30 species of eucalypt, 16 of which are found no-where else on Earth. One of these Tasmanian endemic species is Morrisby’s gum (Eucalyptus morrisbyi), an endangered tree and amongst the 30 priority plant species listed in Australia’s Threatened Species Strategy. Work on this rare gum, undertaken