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    Cats Under Control on Bruny Island: Celebrating a Successful 5-Year Project

    NRM South’s five-year project to control cats on Bruny Island wrapped up at the end of June 2023. We’d like…

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  • Insights from Contemporary Feral Cat Control Trials on Bruny Island: A Step Towards Preserving Biodiversity in a Critical Habitat

    Three contemporary feral cat control trials on Bruny Island have provided valuable insights into locally appropriate methods to control a…

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  • Experiences from the field – lending support to an Aboriginal trainee ranger

    Nicole King joined the South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation as a trainee ranger in 2022, with support from NRM South…

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Keeping Bruny Island wildlife safe from roaming cats – how you can help

    Planning to head to Bruny Island this summer? Keep an eye out for new signage at the Kettering ferry terminal…

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  • Tracking feral cats and eastern quolls with GPS technology

    Letting the cat out of the bag is something most people try and avoid but Matt Pauza, a wildlife biologist…

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  • Community update for Bruny cats project – August 21

    The first community update for NRM South’s ‘Priority actions for eastern quolls on north Bruny Island’ is now up online….

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    MEDIA RELEASE: Cat trapping underway in Bruny’s shearwater colonies

    An important phase of NRM South’s ‘Priority actions for Eastern Quolls on north Bruny Island’ project has commenced. Feral cat…

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  • Protecting Bruny Island’s quolls through cat control

    Feral cats have contributed to the extinction of at least 22 Australian mammal species since colonisation and are continuing to…

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    MEDIA RELEASE: A new cat facility for Bruny – purrfectly positioned

    Cat welfare and native wildlife on Bruny Island are set to benefit from the opening of a cat management facility….

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  • Bruny cats and the by-law; a positive community cattitude!

    On Tasmania’s Bruny Island, resident cat owners and visitors are learning about their responsibilities under the recently introduced Bruny Island…

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    Stage 2 Bruny Island cat control project underway

    For more information about this project, visit our webpage: NRM South is pleased to announce that the second stage…

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