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  • Where will all the flowers be? Using flower bud surveys to predict Swift Parrot movement

    Tasmania is the only place in the world where the critically endangered Swift Parrot breeds, with many of their core…

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  • The trials of trapping sugar gliders – five key lessons

    The swift parrot is a critically endangered migratory bird that divides its time between Tasmania and mainland Australia. The swift…

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Taking Swift Parrots off the menu

    When it comes to planning actions to protect the critically endangered Swift Parrot in Tasmania, it may come as a…

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  • Image credit: Dejan Stojanovic

    New Swift Parrot habitat protected in perpetuity

    Access to high quality habitat is key to the survival and recovery of the rare and threatened Swift Parrot. However,…

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  • Conservation covenants protecting key habitat for Swift Parrots

    Tasmania’s parks and reserves are important for protecting and sustaining habitats and the species that rely on them. However, a…

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  • Image credit: John Tongue

    MEDIA RELEASE: Conservation covenants swiftly secured

    Streaking through the air at speeds of up to 90 kilometres an hour, the brightly coloured and iconic Swift Parrot…

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