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  • Oyster Sensor Network providing real time data for seafood industry

    Tasmanian oysters are sensitive to changes in water. This means that for periods of time, oysters are affected by different…

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: New Boating Code of Practice helping to protect Tasmania’s waterways

    Heading out on the water this summer? A clean boat helps keep our waterways safe and now there’s a new…

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  • A new oyster sensor network for Tasmania

    It is well known that filter feeding shellfish such as oysters or mussels are very sensitive to their aquatic environment…

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Miniature giants; a Giant Kelp display at Woodbridge

    If you’ve ever wanted to get a glimpse into the world of the iconic Giant Kelp forests while keeping your…

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  • New LISTmap layer for bird breeding habitat now available

    The Tasmanian Smart Seafood Partnership is pleased to announce that the ‘Bird breeding habitat and access recommendations’ state-wide layer in…

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  • Image credit: Matthew Doggett

    MEDIA RELEASE: Super-kelp to the rescue

    Immense forests of giant kelp once formed dense floating canopies around Tasmania’s coastline. Historically it was so abundant that it…

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  • SITCAP – connecting education and industry

    Connecting some of Tasmania’s teachers directly with the state’s seafood industry proved an impactful learning experience at the Seafood Industry…

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  • Support to clean southern shores

    Tasmania’s south west coastline is wild, rugged and largely inaccessible. However, despite its location, significant volumes of marine debris still…

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  • Image credit: John Turnbull

    TSSP co-invests in giant kelp restoration project

    The Tasmanian Smart Seafood Partnership (TSSP) has co-invested in the first phase of a giant kelp restoration project. Run by…

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